Open Doors Tuition now offers interactive online courses and tutoring for the subjects English, Maths and German.

We will continue to expand our range of courses to include creative subjects such as coding, art and science in the future. 

Which subjects do we currently offer online?

We offer online courses and tutoring for the subjects English, Maths and German.

For which age groups are the courses suitable?

Courses are open to children from the 3rd grade onwards, as well as teenagers and adults.

How many participants are there per course?

The groups will initially be limited to a maximum of 4 participants per course.

How much do the courses cost?

Group lessons cost 7,50€ per 45 min. Private lessons are available for 30€ per 45 min.

If you need assistance in paying the course fee, we will find a solution! We still strive to provide education for all children and young people. For this reason, we will also – as far as we can – award scholarships for the online courses if participation would otherwise not be possible for financial reasons. Please enter a current telephone number in the contact form where we can reach you.

In addition, we are lobbying the Senate to ensure that in future online courses can be held free of charge if participants hold a Berlinpass.

Would you like to help us provide scholarships for motivated children and young people from low-income families? With a small donation you can make a contribution towards inclusion and participation!

How can I register?

Fill out the registration form on the right and we will put you on the waiting list. As soon as at least 3 students are registered for a course, the lessons can start. The teacher will contact you and determine the time and rhythm of the lessons together with the participants.

By indicating your age, learning level and free time slots, we can put together suitable learning groups.

What payment options are available?

The courses can currently be paid through PayPal, bank transfer or direct debit.

A new way forward!

In staying true to our name – Open Doors Tuition – we are constantly looking for new, exciting and accessible educational opportunities and content.

Even before the beginning of the ‘Corona Crisis’ we have been investing heavily in digital education, with our first English & Coding holiday course taking place in the 2020 winter holidays in cooperation with the Carl Bolle School and the Stadtschloss Moabit.

The many new restrictions and precautions to contain the corona virus make it all the more necessary for the educational landscape to become innovative and creative. We would also like to make our contribution and work hand in hand with educators and organisations involved in paving the way for a real digitalisation of the educational landscape in Germany.