„Man muss viel gelernt haben, um über das, was man nicht weiß,

fragen zu können.“ 

                                                                                                                  Jean-Jacques Rousseau

How is Open Doors Tuition different from other tutoring services in Berlin?

We are a non-for-profit organization that focusses on providing high quality education.

With our diverse program we provide the opportunity for our students to meet likeminded individuals and practice their newly found skills in an informal and fun atmosphere.

We put great emphasis on working closely together with parents, students and associated institutions to find the best approaches. Accepting and supporting different personalities and backgrounds as well as connecting common interests are our core pedagogical goals.

On top of this, we want to open new opportunities for every Berliner, regardless of their financial situation. This includes providing financial assistance to apply for government funds.

What does Open Doors Tuition offer?

We offer private tuition as well as group classes and project weeks.

Our subjects range from standard school classes such as, languages, maths, science or history, to creative classes like woodwork, theatre and music.

What teaching style do you use?

We want to encourage students to find and pursue their own aims as well as build up self-motivation and confidence.

We work with the students together to assess their abilities, personal interests and favorite topics, incorporating these into their lessons. This approach teaches responsibility by allowing students to have an impact on their lessons and learning pursuits. By employing different methods such as dancing, singing, theatre and games, we help students to get the most out of their learning, building up on strengths and enabling students to improve on their weaknesses.

Furthermore, we guide students to learn with and from their peers, build relationships and experience a fun environment.

When & how can I schedule my lesson?

Every new customer can test our services with a free trial lesson.

For private tuition please contact us to find a day and time that suits you best. 

To set up a new group lesson at a school we need at least 5 students. Please contact us for further information.

Where are the lessons held?

Private lessons can take place at the customers house or at the student’s school, while our group courses take place in cooperating institutes.

How long are the lessons?

Duration of lessons depends on the subject and the age of the participants (minimum 45 minutes). 

Who will be my tutor?

The team of Open Doors Tuition is still relatively small in comparison with other tuition services in Berlin. The advantage is that our teachers are well connected and work together.

Since we put a lot of emphasis on building up long lasting relationships with our customers we will try our best to find you a tutor that suits you and/or your child.

Through our free trial lesson you have the chance to get to know the tutor and their approach before signing a contract.

Can I try a lesson for free?

Yes! Every new customer can test our services with a free trial lesson.

Contact us for further information.

How can I pay?

Open doors tuition allows payment through bank transfer, direct debit or with cash directly to the tutor (please give us prior notice for this type of payment so we can prepare a receipt for you).

How does Open Doors Tuition give financial assistance?

We support students of low income families to exercise their human right to education and enjoy private tuition and classes as well. Families, that receive government aid like ALG II, Sozialgeld, Sozialhilfe, Wohngeld or benefits as asylum seekers in Germany, generally have a legal right to educational support from the ministry of education (Bildungs- und Teilhabepaket).

We assist you with the necessary paperwork as well as the communication with the responsible authorities.